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About Project Rachel - Our Mission

Project Rachel is a program of healing for women and men who have had a past abortion experience.

For many, abortion is a source of grief and regret. For others, having to live with the choice made by a loved one can be a source of great pain, profound loss or even anger.

Project Rachel seeks to invite all those whose lives have been touched by an abortion to a journey of healing and reconciliation with themselves and their community. We recognize abortion as a traumatic experience, and address its psychological, physical, and spiritual symptoms.

Project Rachel assures a sensitive, discreet and confidential approach. It is available to anyone who had an abortion experience, whether recent or many years ago; women or men, regardless of age, social status, political persuasion, faith, or gender. Counseling is offered by certified, professionally qualified, registered counselors for people from different locations throughout Southern Alberta. Our counselors are readily available; there are no long waiting times.

Subsidies for counseling are available. Financial issues should not be an obstacle and we will assist to assure that you receive the necessary support.


A Song For Rachel is held annually as a fun-filled, family fundraising concert
that has been established in 1999. A silent auction was added in 2003.

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